Discovering Patients Through Telemarketing

Running a successful healthcare facility is definitely a challenge, but with the right equipment and software, you will find it a whole lot easier. It is important that you incorporate some type of telemarketing software for healthcare providers into your busy network. By doing this, you will be providing a better service to your patients, while increasing your productivity.

Appointment Scheduling For Patients

Call Center Now offers a high tech telemarketing software that is very cost effective. It will allow you to setup an automated system, which can direct patients to an appointment scheduler, with great ease. The traditional operator is not as effective as the Interactive Voice Response system. You customize the response system to help direct patients to the scheduler, without having to go through a number of specific departments to do so. By providing your patients with an easy scheduling setup system, you will make them happier and keep them returning.

Easy Account Access

Many customers find it frustrating to have to spend their precious time on hold, while waiting on an account service representative to take their call. To please your customers and to increase your payment options, you can easily customize the Computer Telephony Program to provide easy account access to agents. This will allow the caller to respond by dual-tone multi-frequency or by voice response. This will cut out any middleman that would have been needed in the past, which can save you a significant amount of money. This is great for elderly and visually impaired individuals that need to access their accounts, without using the dial buttons on their phone.

Patient Collections

It is never easy to rein in patients and encourage them to make monthly payments on their overdue medical bills. This is a huge cost that has caused many businesses to fail. The Auto Dialing Campaign will allow you to setup a customer-calling database. You will also be able to update this calling list any time you want to. If a customer makes an obligated commitment to make monthly payments on their outstanding accounts, you can easily omit them from the list because there will be no need to call them again. If for some reason, the customer does not take the call, it will leave a generated message of your choice or a request for a return call. This feature will assist you in medical debt collection, without spending millions of dollars on human debt collectors.

Eliminate Answering Machine Messages

Everyone knows that most people never bother to listen to their answering machine messages. This is why Call Center Now developed Progressive Dialing. This feature will allow you to customize a predefined list, while providing the representative with the customer’s name and account information in case the person answers the call they will already be prepared for it. The added bonus to this program is that it offers you an easy way to bypass answering machines for a more personable approach. This campaign can be used for other purposes besides trying to collect an outstanding healthcare debt.

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