As an attorney, there will likely come a time, when you’ll need to group together with your colleagues. You may need to brainstorm with these individuals, in order to come up with a viable defense strategy. On the other hand, you might need to work with other attorneys, in order to prepare a defendant to testify in an up and coming case. In order to achieve these goals, you’ll need to gain access to a sizeable meeting space, which is capable of accommodating everyone. Are there any suitable options within the city of Miami? Below, you’ll be able to discover some of your options.

The Conrad Hotel

It is no secret that hotels often rent out meeting spaces or conference rooms. With this in mind, you should most certainly check out the Conrad Hotel, which is a 5-star facility. The facility is truly a godsend for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, it is 36-stories and offers access to an abundance of spacious rooms. At the same time, the Conrad has its own bar and restaurant. This facility will give you and your colleagues a place to relax and chat, after the day’s work has concluded. Of course, this office space offers access to all of the amenities, which are needed, including Internet and telephones.


Again, motels are well known for their meeting spaces. When attempting to find a suitable location for your up and coming meeting in Downtown Miami, you should definitely check out the Downtown Marriott. This establishment is very chic and will provide you with access to everything you and your colleagues will ever need. The hotel offers over 3,000 square foot of event space, which should be enough to satisfy almost everyone’s needs. It also offers 4 individualistic event rooms. This helps to ensure that you and your colleagues will be able to discuss strategies, without being overhead or spied on.

This specific establishment also offers a fitness area, dining and motel rooms. This helps to ensure that out of town attendees are able to gain access to all of the necessities required, during their time in Miami.

Latitude Business Center

Attorneys that are on the hunt for an excellent meeting location in Downtown Miami will be wise to check out the Latitude Business Center. The establishment is truly cost effective and will still provide you and your colleagues with all of the necessary equipment and technologies. Even if you must utilize video conferencing, you can rest assured knowing that the Latitude Business Center will be able to accommodate these needs. Whether you need short-term or long-term meeting space, the Latitude will be able to provide you with precisely what is needed at a reasonable cost.

All rooms are fully furnished and they all provide access to wireless Internet. Computers, phones, TVs, and DVD players are also available, if needed.


Downtown Miami is truly overflowing with potential meeting spaces for attorneys and their clients. However, you should definitely take your time and analyze each individualistic location, before making your choice. Doing so will help to ensure you and your colleagues have access to all necessities and will be able to achieve more, during the meeting.

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